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Case Studies - Carbon Steel Oil Pump Shafts

Thru-Feed Grinding of Carbon Steel Oil Pump Shafts for the Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Industry

Carbon Steel Oil Pump ShaftsKnown for our high standards for precision, quality, and service, an OEM in the heavy equipment industry contracted with Centerless Grinding Service to grind and polish a large volume of critical oil pump shafts. With our solid understanding the fundamentals of centerless grinding and methods to grind hardened and non-standard material grades, we identified the thru-feed grinding processes that were the most efficient means for getting this job completed accurately and quickly. With a before-grind diameter of 0.8770" and a finish diameter specified at 0.8748", this project required precise control of material removal rates. This enabled us to achieve outstanding roundness, a surface finish of 16 RMS max, and a consistently close +0.000/-0.0004" dimensional tolerances end to end. We used special packaging to ensure all 5,150 pieces arrived in pristine condition at the client's assembly plant. The entire project took us less than two weeks to complete.

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Highlights for Oil Pump Shafts

Grind Length 5-"
Before Grind Diameter Dimension 0.877 in
After Grind Diameter Dimension 0.8748 in
Tightest Tolerances + 0.000 / - 0.0004
Material Used 1050 Mod Carbon Steel
Material Finish 16 RMS


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