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Centerless Grinding Service has served many industries including but not limited to: Poultry, Heavy Machinery, Automotive, and Aerospace in the parts processing sector. We can grind from .125” to 4” in diameter, lengths from .750” to 36” long. With our experienced machine operators holding +/- .0001” tolerance is an obtainable goal. Our staff can hold a surface finish as smooth as 4 ΅in. Different types of material that we have successfully ground are Aluminum, Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Rubber, Carbon Fiber, and Thin wall tubing with a wall thickness of .100”.

In-Feed GrindingAnother way that we can serve your part processing needs is by being able to feed on a centerless grinder. With the infeed process we can grind multi-step parts up to a shoulder, lengths from ½” to 10” long, .125” to 4” in Diameter. We can hold tolerances as tight as .0002, with a surface finish up to a 4 micro inch. If you have a part that you need ground just send us a print and we will let you know if we can grind it.

After processing parts we handle carefully and package in a manner to protect the product from marks and blemishes. Our shipping department has over 20 years of experience to make sure that your parts make it back to you in the same quality that they came off the grinder.



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